Changing the nature of pictures by altering their attributes such as size, closeness, brightness, color is known as altering the submodalities of the mental pictures.

Visualize a delicious food item.

You might

  • Make the food item bigger and larger in your mind. What is the effect it has on you?
  • Make the food item come close to you. What is the effect now?
  • Make the food item in full color...
  • Make the food item in 3D with depth...

Now do the opposite

  • Make the food item smaller.
  • Make the food item far away.
  • See it in black and white.
  • See it in 2D.

As for sound, you can reduce or increase its volume, alter its location and so on.

You can change the way you feel about anything, by altering its submodalities (See Swish Pattern).

For example, if what a person has said is irritating to you, try to make that experience ridiculous. Try...
  • Make the person look like a toddler.
  • Picture the person at a far away distance, so that what the person speaks can't be heard.
  • Add a background noise like that coming out from a broken tape.
  • Turn down the volume of the person who speaks and add a loud static to the background so that what he speaks can't be heard.
  • Turn the picture into black and white.
  • Let the pictures move in fast motion as if in a charlie chaplin movie.
  • Run this ridiculous picture in your mind and watch it. Laugh out aloud.

You would now find that the irritation has vanished.

If you can distort the submodalities of your inner experience, that is all you need in order to change the way you experience it. Here are some ways to enhance a good experience.

  • Look at the person in closeup view.
  • Picture the person standing nearby you.
  • Make what the person says loud.
  • Add sweet pleasant music in the background.
  • Let the picture be panaromic, in full color.
  • Let the pictures move slowly, in slow motion.
  • Run this enhanced experience, in your mind and watch it. Enjoy!

You would be in a very happy state by now.

Overcome Negative Suggestions

  1. Think of something negative someone has said you or something bad you say to yourself.
  2. Think of someone whom you distrust who has told you a lie and remember how they told you the lie.
  3. Notice the submodalities of the lie and the negative suggestion.
  4. Move the negative suggestion into the submodalities of the lie and snap it into place. So you think about the suggestions the same way as the lie.