Questions are the Answer. - Anthony Robbins

Ultimately, the quality of our Life depends on the kind of evaluations that we make. The "trick" is to ask the right questions. The answer is to make superior evaluations.

At the face of adversity, it is common to see people asking themselves the kind of questions like "Why Me?", "Why must this happen to me?". These are negative evaluations that put people in a very unresourceful state. At the same time, they can also find answers to questions like "What can I learn from this?", "What is good in my Life?", "To what I am grateful to in my Life?". Whatever questions they ask, their brains will come up with an answer. Asking the questions with the right presuppositions is the key.

  • Questions immediately change what we focus on and therefore how we feel.
    • Instead of asking yourself "Why am I lazy?", if you ask yourself "How can I change my state so that I become energetic?", though initially your brain may not come up with an answer, when you ask with intensity and expectation, you will eventually advance in that direction.

  • Questions change what we delete.
    • We are all deletion creatures. We do not perceive all of reality at any particular moment. The kind of questions we ask ourselves change what we delete from our perception. We all have treasured memories in our memory bank. We can access these memories and reach a phenomenal emotional state. Instead, we may delete these memories through the process of asking a wrong question, that takes away these treasured memories and makes us focus on the not so good aspects of our Life.

  • Questions change the resources available to us.
    • In moments of adversity, many people don't ask themselves "How can I turn things around?" simply because there are people who tell them that it is impossible. All it takes is a right question and when you ask it with intensity and expectation, you can practically change what resources are available to you.