One of my coaches asks me "How much progress have you made?". He is presupposing that I have made progress. Presuppositions is one of the powerful forms of subliminal communication.

NLP has certain presuppositions. It can be said that these presuppositions are the pillars of NLP.

  • Each person has a unique perception of the world.

  • Each person makes the best choice available to them at the time they make it.

  • People work perfectly.

  • Everything is feedback.

  • Every behavior of yours (and others) has a positive intention.

  • The meaning of the communication it is effect.

  • There is a solution to every problem.

  • We have all the resources within us.

  • Map is not the territory.

  • He who has the greatest flexibility has the greatest influence.

  • Mind and Body are one.

  • Excellence can be duplicated.

  • What we see in others, is true about ourselves (If you spot it, you probably have it).
  • Knowledge, thought, memory and imagination are the result of sequences and combinations of ways of filtering and storing information.

  • Experience is the best teacher.

    We learn NLP, not by theoretical study, but by experiencing it.