There are six logical levels also called Neurological levels of change.

A change that happens at a higher level usually reflects back at some of the lower levels. When looking for the cause why a change is not happening, it is usually useful to look at the neurological levels and see where exactly the block to the change is.

The six logical levels of change are:

  1. Environment
  2. Behavior
  3. Capabilities and Skills
  4. Beliefs and Values
  5. Identity
  6. Purpose


If a person wants to lose weight, he may have to find a good gym to workout. If the gym is not available in his neighbourhood, then he faces the difficulty at the environment level.


This is what a person does. What would a person DO, in order to lose weight? He would practice going for a walk everyday.

Capabilities and Skills

Does the person have the necessary capabilities and skills to make the change?

Beliefs and Values

Is the person's Belief System in alignment with his outcome?


Does what the person thinks who he is, in alignment with his outcome? This region is about the various roles we play in our lives.


This is the region of religion, higher purpose and ethics. Everyone of us is part of a bigger system and how we contribute to the bigger system defines our purpose in Life.