The words we use to describe our experience become our experience. We can choose the appropriate words to define our experience and in the process transform the inner meaning of our experience.

  • We can take a negative experience and change it into a neutral or great experience, by changing the words we use in the way we narrate it.
    • One of my friends told me about an interview that did not work out. He said the interviewer asked him questions in an area he was not familiar with and he felt ashamed. I told him going along the lines of Transformational Vocabulary, instead of using the words "I felt ashamed", he could say "the result of the interview was not interesting". In this way, he changes his internal meaning of his experience. By keeping the semantics basically the same but by subtly altering the words, we can transform the way we experience something.
  • We can take a good experience and make it into a great experience.
    • It is not exaggerating. When something makes you feel good, why don't you feel great about it. Instead of saying, "The tour was good." why don';t you say "The tour was marvelous, excellent and awesome". What words you choose to represent your experience, becomes your experience.

Transformational Vocabulary is essentially a reframing technique.