Now while it is true that you can change the submodalities and change the way you feel about anything, you don't have to keep changing your submodalities in order to feel good every time you feel bad. Instead you can make this switch from the old behavior to the new behavior automatic through the use of the Swish Pattern.

After using this pattern for five times, the old behavior would automatically trigger the new behavior.

  1. To begin with, identify the state, you want to change.
  2. Find out the trigger that creates this state. For example, if it is anger, it may be the sight of the person that creates this anger.
  3. What elements in the image trigger your reaction? Specifically what elements of the mental picture triggers the reaction?
  4. Break state. Think of something else. Move your body ridiculously. Laugh out aloud.
  5. Visualize the desired state. Make the objects in the desired state big, bright and close.
  6. Break state. Tell your telephone number backwards or try to remember the color of the carpet in the restaurant you visited last.
  7. Now make a big picture of your problem state and a small picture of your desired state in your mind in a corner. Now quickly replace the small picture by expanding it and making it big and bright, replacing the problem state picture. Let the problem state picture shrink to size as a tiny dark picture in the corner. Do this rapidly and say SWISH (or any word you prefer) as you do it. The key is to do the swish quickly, very quickly.
  8. Break state for the third time.
  9. Repeat this process for five times.

The problem state would not occur now. Whatever triggers the problem state would automatically trigger the desired state from now on.

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