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The "realization or awareness" happens when something shoots you point blank and you experience the leverage for compelling change. What are the core areas in which you can seek this kind of realization? Here are a few leads.

Awareness or realization that you can manage your state

Imagine the freedom and pleasure that you would realize by being incharge of your state. This awareness or realization is basic to all success.

In Stephen Covey literature, it is described as the space between the stimulus and the response. In NLP Parlance, it is the realization that instead of a negative thought you have other options. (See below).

Don't keep playing a negative event again and again in your head

The disgusting happening itself was not the reason for the way you feel about an event. It is when you keep playing it again and again and what you tell yourself about the incident that makes it bad.

Life is full of options.

Ask "What other options are there? What other ways can I think or feel or interpret this incident?"

Also See Six Step Reframing.

Taking responsibility

Learn to take responsibility for whatever is happening. While techniques such as blaming, excuses and justifications can help you protect you from hurt, it does not help you to become successful. You can manage your hurt feeling. (See "Awareness or realization that you can manage your state" above)

Everything is Feedback

At every moment, the only thing that happens is feedback. The words "failure", "rejection" and "success" are misnomers for this word. It would be a great piece of Transformational Vocabulary.

"Act as if" Or "Make It up"

Many people are not aware that they are really acting as if something is true and making up their behavior. It is better to be not aware of it. That way you can make it up more effectively. At the same time, you can also make up something consciously. Most secrets of success, are based on simply making it up in your mind.

When I was speaking to an NLP practitioner, that I wanted to be an excellent speaker like him, he gave a great piece of advice which was "Make it up!". The results you get in your Life are vastly dependent on what you choose to make up.

One of my mentors gave me an equally relevant piece of advice "If you can fake it, you can make it."

Persistent and Sustained effort

Those who break stones, know of the effect of Persistent and Sustained effort. You can hit the rock a hundred times and the rock would not budge an inch. On the stroke hundred and one, the rock would split apart. Unless the first hundred strokes were in place, the last stroke that broke the resistance would not have worked. The rock would not appear to be moved at all, in the first hundred strokes. But they would be doing their work silently.

Change, too, happens in the same way.

Small advances are Large advances

This is a reframing that you would have to make. By realizing that the smallest advances really contribute to major results, you can achieve phenomenal success. (Watch the video here.)