In this page, you will find a few models of excellence. You may duplicate one in your own context.

Rajendran (Author)

  • Working by going with the flow.
  • Taking the work less seriously (not the same as taking it casually)
  • Learning by connecting the points rather than learning linearly.
  • Coaching Model: Self negotiation
  • Both Hard work and Smart work (Rules)

Modeling Regular Walking

I once elicited the mental syntax of a person who used to go walking regularly.

  • He found the urge to walk whenever he wanted the time for himself, to be alone in his own inner world. This kinds of refills him to interact with the external world. The interaction with the external world (training, managing his subordinates, interacting with clients) refills his need to be alone. The Walking activity (when he is with himself) and external activities (training, managing his subordinates, interacting with clients) feed each other.
  • When we walks he hears songs loudly in his mental syntax. The volume of the sounds is high as if a performance is going on in a stage.
  • His way of thinking consists of outer dialogues. He imagines/visualizes speaking with a person, as a monologue. He doesn't have inner dialogues.

Modeling Mr. J

Mr.J demonstrates a high level of energy, and makes all his talks over the stage without almost any preparation. Let us go through his model that helps him achieve this.

  • That of a complete surrender to a higher force. He is a mere instrument of the supreme force (Belief System / Purpose)
  • No conscious thinking / preparing. (Mental Syntax)
  • He likes his subject and he likes to talk. They work together as a fantastic combination. (Capabilities / Skills)
  • "I am a son to my parents. Nothing else" (Identity)