Beliefs are basically generalizations about your past.

  • By consistently questioning a belief, you would soon begin to doubt it.
  • By the use of precision language, you can break a limiting belief.
  • By the use of imprecise language (deliberate use of generalizations, deletions and distortions), you can develop empowering beliefs.
    • Examples of empowering beliefs:
      • "I am too young"
      • "People always respect me"
      • "My report is brilliant"

Also see

Beliefs of Excellence

There are some basic beliefs of excellence that you can model, that all successful people hold. Whether the belief is accurate or not is not the matter. What matters is, whether a belief is useful or not. (Also see Presuppositions of NLP)

  • Whatever happens has a purpose, and there is a reason behind every happening.

  • There is no such thing as failure.

  • Whatever happens, take responsibility.

  • It is not necessary to understand everything, to be able to use everything.

  • People are the greatest resource.

  • Work is play.

  • There is no abiding success without commitment.